*Menu will be updated on Wednesdays

**Limited availability: 24 Omakase orders per night

Savour Wine & Cheese

76 Prospect Street Gloucester, MA 01930

Business schedule : Thursday ~ Sunday

Business hours : 5pm ~ 8pm

Payment : Cash or Venmo (sushisanglee)

Weekly Menu

Thursday 3/4/21 to Sunday 3/7/21

Omakase (Chef’s choice) $65

9pc of top grade local and Japanese fish prepared Edomae style Nigiri sushi with a Negi Maguro maki + Oyster shooter + Ankimo with Narazuke (Monkfish liver with Japanese pickled cucumber)

  • This week's fish (from left to right): BotanEbi (spotted prawn), Tachiuo(Belt fish), Ocean Trout, Kanpachi (amberjack), Akami Zuke (marinated lean bluefin tuna), Chu-turo (medium fatty bluefin tuna), Sawara (Smoked Spanish mackerel), Isaki (Japanese Grunt), Hotate (local live scallop)

  • SASHIMI Omakase available with the same price. Comes with sushi rice

  • Substitute Uni for an extra $5

  • Fresh Wasabi from Shizuoka, Japan(15g) $10

Maki (Roll)

Futo maki $10

Tamago, cucumber, avocado, kanpyo (gourd), oshinko (pickled daikon), ocean trout, watercress, oboro (dried fish flakes), shiso (Japanese mint), scallion, sesame

Negi Maguro maki $12

Bluefin Tuna, scallion, oshinko

Negi Toro maki $25

Bluefin Tuna belly, scallion, oshinko

Ocean Trout maki $10

Ocean Trout, shiso, avocado, watercress, oshinko, sesame

Shime Saba Isobe Maki(6 orders/night) $15

Cured local mackerel, pickled ginger, scallion, shiso, sesame, wasabi

Vegetable maki $7

Same ingredients as Futo maki w/o tamago and Ocean Trout

Bluefin Tuna Nigiri Tasting. $35

Akami, Chu-Toro, O-Toro, Kama Toro

A la carte (Price per piece)

Oyster shooter $4

Duxbury Oyster, ponzu, radish, pickled jicama, shiso

Uni $8

Chu-Toro $8

Medium fatty Bluefin Tuna

O-toro $10

Extra fatty Bluefin tuna belly

Aburi Kama-Toro $12

Seared Bluefin tuna collar

*If you have any dietary restrictions, please note on order form

Payment via cash or Venmo

Venmo ID : sushisanglee

Contact Information

Phone : (781)698-9907

Instagram : @sushisanglee

Facebook : Sushi Sang Lee

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